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I don’t believe in right or wrong as those beliefs stem from our ego. Instead, I thrive on individual truths. My passion is helping others reunite with their higher self, to connect with their divine identity and experience fulfillment. When our soul is satisfied, we are living our life purpose by honoring our dreams. Empowerment, security, freedom and happiness are some of the pleasant states we flow with. However, in order to feel fulfilled while living our purpose, we must transcend our fears. Communing with our divinity, higher self, requires honesty, acceptance and dedication to genuine healing. Furthermore, summoning courage to dive into the depths of our psyche is a vital skill to hone. This process teaches us to love and value our shadow side, bringing us purpose and wholeness.

My services consist of spiritual counseling, energy work and intuitive perspectives. I mostly work with those desiring or experiencing major life changes. These shifts include, but are not limited to, feeling overwhelmed by spiritual sensitivity, or fine-tuning and growing these abilities. Healing loss of identity is my specialty. Our reality blissfully transforms once we harness invasive and disorienting magic.

I also write an occasional blog which shares my truth in case such views feel familiar to others. If anything feels untrue, you should always trust your own unique perspectives.


– Recent Posts –

Peace is Boring

Peace is Boring We are entering the golden age and the middle ground is beginning to fade. People are either consciously responsible for their reality, they are empowered, or they are living unaware while lost in their fears, not [more]

Hawaii Thus Far

Hawaii Thus Far- An impactful death, bewildering reunion with an old classmate, being homeless, becoming a live-in spiritual guide, an unforgettable romance, six month isolation, 17 day water fast, hitting financial rock bottom, [more]

"Cancer Should Never Be a Surprise"

Spirit once told me, “Cancer should never be a surprise.” I was intrigued and longed to understand what was meant by that bold statement. Like nearly all of my posts, the following represents my perspectives [more]


Abundance In order to happily receive a steady flow of abundance, it is important to acquire a balance of manifesting and surrendering as well as giving and receiving. The easiest way to create equality with manifesting and [more]

Wealth and Sensuality

Wealth and Sensuality Our two energy centers which most strongly impact our physical reality are the Root and Sacral chakras. They are also the sources responsible for our sexuality. The breakdown: - How our Root and Sacral chakras [more]

Hurdles In Ascension

Hurdles In Ascension Ascension is simply following our heart while aware of the power behind our focus, emotions and psychic senses. Our heart is our objective, higher self. It's our spirit which loves unconditionally and our ultimate [more]

Spiritual Overdose

Spiritual OverdoseIt's common to lose a part of ourselves when we begin opening to the vast world of spirituality. We end up blocking their own unique personality while trying to become a “better person” or “enlightened [more]

Love Thy Killer

Love Thy KillerIf you were killed, you would have to remember compassion in order to reunite with your peace. You would see beyond the perceptions of time and space and remember the only real truth is love. You would remember the [more]

Home Sweet Hawaii

Home Sweet HawaiiAloha! Twenty-thirteen began with a determined universe who scooped me up from cozy Humboldt and landed me in my little hometown of Grass Valley. For familial and spiritual reasons, I was called to spend some months [more]

Spirit & Parenting

Spirit & Parenting Children enter this world with an already present personality accompanied by their own life purpose. A parent’s mission is not to guard their child from harmful energies. Rather, their calling is to protect their [more]

Reincarnation, Time and Space

Reincarnation, Time and Space If someone would have told me years ago I’d be writing about the illusion of time, I would have told them they were a crappy psychic. I am sincerely annoyed by in-depth topics like that of time and space as I [more]

“Fuck It”, Spirit's Guilty Pleasure

“Fuck It”, Spirit's Guilty Pleasure Whether we mentally or verbally rehearse the infamous, “fuck it” we are choosing to release a struggle we no longer accept. Spirit hears our subconscious call and rushes to our aid. Despite their superhero [more]

Building Faith

Building Faith We’ve all heard the reputable yet seemingly tired advice, “have faith,” followed by our own frustrations and skeptical thoughts. Faith is a form of trust and it’s no secret trust can take a while to attain. [more]

Auric Protection

Auric Protection Auric (Spiritual/Psychic) Protection: Allowing ourselves to be surrounded by spirit's unconditional love so we do not attract unwanted energies. Self-love will also protect us from negative occurrences. Our [more]

Peace is Boring

Peace is Boring We are entering the golden age and the middle ground is beginning to fade. People are either consciously responsible for their reality, they are empowered, or they are living unaware while lost in their fears, not [more]

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