In order to happily receive a steady flow of abundance, it is important to acquire a balance of manifesting and surrendering as well as giving and receiving.

The easiest way to create equality with manifesting and surrendering is through gratitude. We manifest abundance by being grateful for what we have or even for that which we desire as if we already have it. We surrender with gratitude because unlike trying to keep a positive mindset, appreciation doesn’t leave room for fear to seep in. The more we live in faith, surrender, instead of fear, the easier it becomes for spirit to intervene, helping us live a happy and fulfilled life. Gratitude alters our perceptions into a prosperous reality which then attracts a personal world of wealth instead of stagnation and scarcity.

Our roles of giver and receiver are also significant. As the receiver, we must accept help with humility, gratitude, and inspiration. Receiving aid with feelings of shame, jealousy, and guilt only leads to blocks and resentments. As the giver, we must do so out of compassion and respect with complete detachment to the outcome of our generosity. Giving out of a state of obligation or just trying to be nice will also manifest resentments. These resentments create barriers in receiving love which then attracts issues with our health, material world, or relationships. With both of these positions, if giving or receiving doesn’t feel right then the exchange simply isn’t in the other’s truth as well. True sacrifice is beneficial for everyone.

A small habit such as tirelessly searching for the cheapest deals sends a message of poverty to the universe. That energy of poverty then attracts financial limits and obstacles. This is because we are telling the universe we are in lack and the universe always reflects our communication with loyalty. Instead of draining our time and energy, we can spend the extra cash with gratitude and the faith that it’ll come back to us… And so it does.

Stress is created from obsessively focusing on the past or future. Peace and security are attained when we live in the present. Appreciating the now removes our fears of the future and alleviates pain from our past. Living in the moment slows down our mind so we can clearly hear our high self’s guidance. This allows spirit to offer us the clarity when it is time to prepare for the future or reflect on our past, to heal.

An exercise to attract abundance:

Focus on a memory where you felt wealthy, even if it’s just receiving your normal paycheck. Now keep that feeling of blissful security and let go of all of the details surrounding the situation (e.g. how you obtained the prosperity/ where it came from).

Simply feeling our desires instead of trying to figure out the specifics gifts our universe the freedom to deliver our dreams in ways better than we could imagine. The incredible doors which suddenly open are options our rational mind may have never seen coming.

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