Building Faith


We’ve all heard the reputable yet seemingly tired advice, “have faith,” followed by our own frustrations and skeptical thoughts. Faith is a form of trust and it’s no secret trust can take a while to attain. Choosing a mindset of faith is not only a belief, but a way of life. While having trust in the faith of our choice, we live fearlessly as a true free spirit.

Think of when a new friend or romantic partner enters your life you get to know one another to conclude whether or not you feel they are trustworth, you pay attention to their words and actions to determine their loyalty. If you feel like it, give your spirit a similar opportunity to prove itself.

Since spirit cannot interfere with our free will, we must ask for help to receive assistance. To begin building faith it is helpful to ask for little signs so we are less likely to doubt our desired outcome. The more we are able to release our fears, the easier it is for spirit to intervene. Once we start to experience little moments of synchronicity, we begin to open our mind to options we would have otherwise been closed to. This is because experiencing serendipity increases our faith, so we feel encouraged and hopeful while asking for help with greater concerns. Eventually, we come to realize there is no need for struggling unless we forget there is no need. There will always be challenges, but struggling occurs when we encounter too much resistance in our endeavors.

Spirit does not judge and loves everyone unconditionally. It doesn’t matter what so-called hellish acts we partake in, spirit will never turn it’s back on us. The only acts of betrayal we should be conscious of are limitations from our ego which manipulate us into believing we are unworthy of love and support.

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