“Cancer Should Never Be a Surprise”


Spirit once told me, “Cancer should never be a surprise.” I was intrigued and longed to understand what was meant by that bold statement. Like nearly all of my posts, the following represents my perspectives from my conversations with spirit.

Cancer shouldn’t be a subtle energy which one day shocks us. It could be an obvious form of negativity which we sense way before it becomes as serious as the infamous, “cancer.” The reason we aren’t aware of poisonous energy flooding our body is because we have slowly suffocated ourselves with low vibratory food, or other chemicals, and buried emotions. Both keep us at a lower frequency which is more compatible to the negative energy of cancer. Because of the higher compatibility within the two energies, cancer is empowered, given the treacherous ability to remain hidden until it’s often too late to heal. When our frequency is at a higher level, we become more sensitive, noticing the slightest shifts within our body. Anyone who has transitioned to a healthier diet understands the annoyance of feeling crappy from food you used to tolerate just fine. However, this is what we should be feeling every time we consume any kind of disharmony. Otherwise, the toxins have the opportunity to build an army.

The more buried our emotions, the more we tend to crave food with a lower frequency. Even without consuming low frequency food, avoiding our emotions is the most harmful energy. If our emotions are stewing beneath the surface then it is like a volcano that is waiting to explode. It may erupt in the form of health issues or we may attract it in other means such as a car accident. Consuming high frequency foods will help our health tremendously, but we still have to honor our emotions and allow them to breathe. Fortunately, high vibratory food aids emotional balance.

Our diet and emotions are powerful influential sources which greatly affects our wellbeing. Being numb is dangerous and leaves us susceptible to masked threats. Luckily, our sensitivity serves as a loyal ally and guide.

– Update –

After my 17 day water fast, I am feeling less vulnerable to low frequency foods. I feel as if my body is only accepting the nutrients while automatically healing toxins. I don’t feel good from low vibratory foods, but I am also not feeling ill anymore. My body feels much stronger and greatly healed. I feel as though we become incredibly sensitive to toxins while we are detoxing, which may take many years, but then our body is much more capable of transmuting toxins into higher frequencies.

– Update 2 –

The healthier my body becomes, meaning, the more my spirit is one with my body, the better I feel from all foods.

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