Auric Protection


Auric (Spiritual/Psychic) Protection:
Allowing ourselves to be surrounded by spirit’s unconditional love so we do not attract unwanted energies. Self-love will also protect us from negative occurrences.

Our sensitivity level is irrelevant as it is important for everyone to protect themselves from lower energies. It becomes of greater importance when we allow ourselves to be open to energies more than usual. Some examples of heightened vulnerability include meditation as well as drug use.

Our intuition becomes much clearer when we are spiritually protected, it is easier to recognize inner knowledge when we do not have negative energy weighing us down. With this new clarity, any feelings of uncertainty and confusion will decrease considerably.

Some everyday choices which increase auric protection:

  • Surrendering worries and doubts to Spirit instead of dwelling on them
  • Focusing on self-love instead of delusional flaws
  • Choosing faith over fear

A common visualization for protection:
Visualize a cocoon of white light surrounding your entire body. Sometimes it’s helpful to visualize the light becoming thicker and thicker until the outside world reveals a foggy appearance. It’s also beneficial to ask for help from whomever/ whatever you may believe in. Using your imagination to connect with a method that feels true to you is highly recommended. Practice protecting yourself as often as it crosses your mind, it will only help.