“Fuck It”, Spirit’s Guilty Pleasure

fuckit spirit 2

Whether we mentally or verbally rehearse the infamous, “fuck it” we are choosing to release a struggle we no longer accept. Spirit hears our subconscious call and rushes to our aid. Despite their superhero complex, spirit cannot ease our burdens unless we give them permission to help.

So the next time you feel the need to channel a magical “fuck it”, just remember to add, “spirit, deal with this”. Then, buy some pop rocks, swing on a swing and momentarily forget all your problems. In other words, do something to be a kid, play and surrender. And when spirit harmonizes your life…

Thank them! And so everyone is Happy.

5 thoughts on ““Fuck It”, Spirit’s Guilty Pleasure

  1. Can you give me the name of the metaphysical shop that you wanted me to check out in Amsterdam? miss you and want to talk to you so bad, skype soon?

  2. Thank you, Jessika! Exactly the thump over the head I needed at the moment!! I tend to forget about my Spirit Guides and their guidance(s)… why is that? Too busy trying to “make it all happen” instead of “letting it all happen”… she ponders. Hugs and love ~Mary♥

    • Hi Mary! It’s funny you say that because when I was writing this you kept popping into my head. And you answered your own question haha … the journey of life. ♡

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