Hurdles In Ascension


Ascension is simply following our heart while aware of the power behind our focus, emotions and psychic senses. Our heart is our objective, higher self. It’s our spirit which loves unconditionally and our ultimate guide in life.

“Change is the only constant.” – Heraclitus

Our ability to shift into a higher consciousness depends on our faith to allow countless change. This can be challenging when society tends to view endings as failures. For example, when terminating a marriage or losing a job, we usually receive responses such as, “I’m sorry, marriages take a lot of work/ the economy is terrible,” instead of, “your time was up there and something better is on it’s way. I’ll think good thoughts for you”. More often than not, we resist our truth by staying in stagnant positions. Situational longevity does not automatically denote happiness or true success.

Ascension requires the remembrance that the most important relationship is with ourselves, the world will only mirror back how we treat ourselves. Any dependency issues serve to reflect how we are incomplete within. Depending on another to feel validated and loved is an emptiness that will never truly be filled until we feel whole while alone. When we are happy within, people who are also whole enter our lives, or known people shift vibrations, to mirror that wholeness back to us. This allows us to truly enjoy one another instead of feeling pressured and obligated, we are able to just be. However, in order to be at this point we have to surrender our fears of life being, “too good to be true”. It is only too good if we believe it is.

By living our truth, we become an example of happiness. People who are unhappy will often go through transformations such as:

“Are you really happy?”

“Screw you for being happy.”

“How are you happy?”

“I want to be happy too!”

Raising our vibration creates many changes in our relationships. We may feel tempted to try to push our loved ones to see things from our perspective, but trying to force our views on others will only create resistance and resentments. The best action is following our truth. We have to trust and respect ourselves so we do not become derailed by sudden conflicts with lovers, family and friends. We have to be okay with times of separation due to our loved ones’ lack of acceptance with our way of life. By following the path of our heart, we understand no one is right or wrong. There is only a difference of perspectives which makes the relationship incompatible for the time being. Taking time apart does not diminish the love we have for one another, it’s respecting and appreciating our connection. Whether the distance lasts for a week or for the rest of our life, it doesn’t change how much we love each other.

– Living in Peaceful Synchronicity –

– Being in the Now through gratitude

– Accepting/embracing life as is (patience in limitations)

– Holding strong boundaries while free of judgments

– Not taking reactions personally

– Surrendering control issues to the faith of your truth

– Flexible manifestation (focusing on desires while open to unseen paths)

– Balanced giving and receiving; manifesting and surrendering

– Forgiving ourselves and having faith in others

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  1. I really love this Jess, so beautifully written, so true and the simplicity is wonderful! I’ve never read a better explanation of the ascension process. xo Theresa

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