Virtual Divinations

These are some divination decks I appreciate (most are available in various forms)

What divination tools, oracle/tarot cards are good for:
Lovingly calling you out on your shit thus becoming closer to personal peace

Simply focus on a situation then click cards to receive guidance/insight/validation

– Links to Free Online Readings –

Heal Your Life

Earth Magic

Dolphin Divination

Mahjong Tiles

Angel Messenger

Tarot Goddess

My Divination – Some favorite decks here- Universal Love Oracle, Rock and Roll Oracle, The Tao Oracle, I Ching –
Choose your deck for each reading:

– Names of Apps (some include free lite versions) –

Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle Cards and Guiding Light Oracle Cards – Kelly T. Smith (my favorite non-denominational, both decks are very helpful in healing old emotional patterns) [free lite]

Druid Oracle (The Druid Plant & Animal Oracle) – Phillip and Stephanie Car-Gomm (optional reversed meanings)

Crystal Wind Oracle- Antonio DeLiberato  (features various gods & goddesses) [free lite]

The Angel Feather Oracle – Michelle Newton [free lite]

Path of the Soul Destiny Cards – Cheryl Lee Harnish (guidance inspired by her fractal art)

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards – Colette Baron-Reid (created with reversed meanings)

Energy Oracle Cards – Sandra Anne Taylor (created with reversed meanings)

Galaxy Tarot –  (original Rider Waite version, best to learn tarot, optional reversed meanings)

Galaxy Runes – (good source to learn meaning of runes, optional reversed meanings)

Goddess Tarot – Kris Waldherr (optional reversed meanings)

Angel Tarot – Doreen Virtue (created without reversed meanings)

I Ching Essence – Theo Cade (very simple messages based from the ancient I Ching Oracle)

Visionary I Ching – Paul O’brien (in depth descriptions with beautiful imagery)


– Printed Hard Copies –

Toni Carmine Salerno – (we share very similar truths and he’s poetically talented)
-Also, check Amazon if interested in purchasing his decks (may be available on iOS)
I own and love: Gaia Oracle, Angels, Gods and Goddesses, Blue Angel Oracle, Universal Wisdom Oracle, and Universal Love Healing Oracle


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