Love Thy Killer

If you were killed, you would have to remember compassion in order to reunite with your peace. You would see beyond the perceptions of time and space and remember the only real truth is love. You would remember the karmic ties or soul contract between you and your killer. You would remember that you and your killer probably shared reverse roles in other dimensions… the whole, “what goes around comes around” thing. You would remember how you attracted your murder. You would understand how you are in no way to blame yourself for your death. Instead, you would take responsibility by remembering the energies you came into this life to heal and the vibes you fearfully held onto which resulted in this unfortunate event. You would remember that your killer is no less important or benevolent than yourself, that we are ALL one. You would remember that being a victim or being a predator- they’re just labels and those labels are only a boxed description of your actions/experiences; they are not illustrations of your true essence.

We are surrounded by media which daily reiterates the “evil” in the world. We are shown murderers, rapists, child molesters, abusers, terrorists and so on. The intense focus upon such predators makes us feel as though we are somehow lacking environmental safety.  We attempt to “protect” society by adding more laws, harsher punishments, and less general freedom.  – There will always be “evil” in the universe as duality exists for a reason. – However, instead of fearing it, we can choose to reconnect with our true selves (to raise our consciousness) so that we do not attract undesired circumstances. Our boundless minds and compassionate hearts will never lead us astray as we become our own walking safe haven.

To remember peace, we must love the ones we are supposed to hate the most. These are the people who have immensely hurt us and our loved ones. We must love the killers of our sacred sexuality, heartfelt dreams, and creative sanctuary. In loving our nightmares, we become empowered by remembering no one can ever make us feel a certain way (or kill a part of us) unless we allow it. This empowerment may very well include zero communication between you and your killer. Through self-respect and self-love, you set the boundaries that allow you to love the world unconditionally.

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