My Life

Ever since I can remember, I’ve communicated with a positive feeling source which offered trustworthy guidance and support. I would think of questions or focus on certain people and information would easily manifest in my thoughts. I didn’t think much of it when I was young because source was just an everyday part of life. However, I eventually came to call this presence, spirit.

I became mysteriously ill at the age of thirteen which was my initiation into my path as a healer. The illness was never anything life-threatening, yet it was a challenging journey which taught a great deal about self-healing. While still unwell at fifteen, I started attending a Spiritualist church where I began giving psychic readings and developing a greater understanding of my connection to spirit. My link to source certainly wasn’t always stable or reliable, however, the information I received for others was randomly accurate enough that I couldn’t deny such phenomena.

Ages thirteen to eighteen proved immensely difficult as I dove fully into my spiritual path, trying to learn everything and anything about myself. Finally at eighteen, I had finished a year of college at Humboldt State University (HSU), while also reaching a foundation of inner peace. I still experience such peace today, a decade later. Upon graduation, I created a little healing room to work with various clients until spirit unexpectedly brought me to Hawaii. I’ve continued working with others as well as on my own healing since relocating to the island. After 15 years of dedicated self-work, I’m now in a favorable position to offer my services as a Transpersonal Guide.

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