Peace is Boring

We are entering the golden age and the middle ground is beginning to fade. People are either consciously responsible for their reality, they are empowered, or they are living unaware while lost in their fears, not empowered. Duality becomes more defined while both light and shadow become more defined.

With this shift in consciousness, those of us on the healer’s path dedicate our days to find inner peace. We are remembering how to view life from our higher self’s perspective, to understand the ultimate irrelevance of all events. No matter what occurs in our personal life or in the collective world, we can always connect with peace. The ability to access peace is an essential skill for experiencing fulfillment. Yet, as with anything, there is a balance to maintain. Healers often obsess over peace while neglecting the worth of our primal nature. We are both our divine higher self and our flawed human identity, constantly striving for serenity robs us of the value and beauty in dramatic chaos. Sometimes it’s in our truth to embrace distress or behave like an obnoxious asshole. Suffering can deepen and strengthen our relationships, acting inappropriately may be the catalyst required to undergo transformation. Nature, for instance, demonstrates the inevitable changing seasons, she knows stagnation is boring and dissatisfying. While peace is necessary for experiencing fulfillment, it can also hinder our human experience. It’s an amazing feat to master the mind and emotions. Halting our energetic tornado while centering in calmness is an ability which greatly serves us. However, it is equally important to embrace every aspect of our personality as each trait serves a purpose on our journey. Instead of analyzing the energy of every thought and emotion, give yourself the freedom to experience amusement. Let yourself be in the mayhem and trust your intuition to call you out when you are sincerely acting against your truth. Allow yourself to be absurd and uncontrolled because the divine foundation you’ve worked so hard to establish won’t disappear, nor will it crack. It will only strengthen.

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