Reincarnation, Time and Space


If someone would have told me years ago I’d be writing about the illusion of time, I would have told them they were a crappy psychic. I am sincerely annoyed by in-depth topics like that of time and space as I don’t have the patience for that kind of intellectual processing. My lack of passion for critical thinking is exactly why I choose not to think on these subjects. On the other hand, I choose to listen when Spirit talks. What I write is what I hear.

Instead of viewing reincarnation as past, present and future, think of it as a multidimensional moment. The life we are living is simply the one we are the most conscious of. Just as our body contains molecules to create our physical body, our soul is composed of infinite energies to manifest various entities of ourselves. All of our existences are a part of who we are as other realities reside in our DNA.

Soul Evolution is like a horseshoe. At one end we are brand new to existence, so we emanate only love. The same thing goes for the opposite end except we have experienced and befriended our ego. The middle of the horseshoe is where we have the worst relationship with our ego. This is where apathetic individuals such as serial killers fall on the evolution spectrum. Again, the horseshoe does not represent time as we perceive time to be. Time is simply another word for alternate realities. Even a memory from our childhood is now energy from another reality.

Compassion is remembering we are all one, the predators in the world are a part of ourselves. We may perceive them to be in the middle of the horseshoe in this reality, but elsewhere they are on either sides and everywhere in-between, just like us.

To hold strong boundaries formed of compassion since we are everyone and they are us.

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  4. Excellent analogy, Jessika! …offering this now truly sheds light on accepting “what is” even when there seems to be no reason or purpose for “what happened”. Thank you! Love always…

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