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Children enter this world with an already present personality accompanied by their own life purpose. A parent’s mission is not to guard their child from harmful energies. Rather, their calling is to protect their child from his/her ego. The world can never harm us unless we hold the slightest belief that it can. This is a different perspective than seeing ourselves as invincible. We understand the bigger picture that our greatest strength lies in our sensitivity and vulnerability in feeling the universe. Being connected emotionally and intuitively is crucial in our protection. Instead of teaching children to fear strangers or view “predators” as monsters, we should help them remember how to trust themselves through self-empowerment.

Your child’s truth may not be in sync with societal norms. It’s understandable to get caught up in the words “right” and “wrong”, but it’s important to look past those limitations by learning not to care what the world thinks. Also, try to avoid getting lost in your own experiences. While they are a valuable tool, your past does not determine your child’s future. For example, your teenage daughter may want to leave the house while closely resembling the stereotypical streetwalker. It is easy to say her outfit is inappropriate, but do yourself and your child a favor and go deeper. Center yourself so that you can clearly hear your daughter’s higher self. Is she wearing those clothes because of low self-esteem and premature curiosity (ego), or is she doing so because she is connected to her higher self while freely expressing her style and sexuality? If it’s ego then don’t hesitate on setting those boundaries. Yet if it’s her truth, then surrender your fears and support her on her path. Just because you may have been molested in your youth that does not mean your child is going to attract the same experiences. Living our truth naturally protects us from unhealthy circumstances.

The purpose of parenting is to be connected to your higher self so you are an example of living your truth. By being that model, your children can then recognize the parts of you which are in line with their own truth. You are nurturing their connection to their higher self and as a result providing them the freedom to be their authentic self. As challenging as it may be, try not to push your values or beliefs on your kids. The best action you can take is simply being.

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