Spiritual Overdose

It’s common to lose a part of ourselves when we begin opening to the vast world of spirituality. We end up blocking their own unique personality while trying to become a “better person” or “enlightened being”. While we are off searching for the deeper meaning of life, we often times forget to live. We read many books and attend spiritual gatherings,  however while learning all of this knowledge, we neglect the importance of listening within. Without going within, we do not reunite with wisdom, we are stuck in the logical land of knowledge. Obtaining a great amount of knowledge can often turn overwhelming, making us feel even more stagnant or lost.

Spirit frequently reminds me to lighten up. Whether I’m upset over something stupid like not being able to find my keys or a deeper matter like healing a traumatic event from my past, I am reminded the pain I’m feeling is ridiculous because I’m allowing myself to buy into the illusion of pain. The source of my soul is always at peace and it is my choice in every moment whether I feel that peace or allow my fears to override that pure state of being. While aware of this duality, I choose not to suppress the grief that surfaces, but also laugh at myself in the process. My truth is not to take life seriously and I achieve this by focusing on the humor of how screwed up the human race is.

My personality has always been something along the lines of, “spirit, what the fuck?” It’s how I’ve always communicated with spirit and one of these days it could easily be the heartfelt quote etched into my tombstone. It’s my source to peace and clarity, while holding the intention of self-respect and gratitude. It’s my venting outlet and prayer all in one.

While strongly partaking in the New Age world, I probably wouldn’t be considered a proper professional in the field. I do not feel connected to societal norms of appropriate behaviors so I won’t act that way with my clients. I would rather attract one right person instead of fifty who’s truths are not compatible to mine. I trust the right people will be drawn to me and accept me exactly as I am.  My heart doesn’t guide me to act the way people think I should, it tells me to appreciate my uniqueness. If my entrepreneurial work isn’t solely providing me with all my desires then I simply I belong elsewhere as well.

Obviously, connecting spiritually is different for everyone. For some, their calling may be in a church, the world of nature or a trippy drum circle. Yet for someone else, he may feel most connected while sitting in a movie theater because his life purpose is to be a screenwriter. Some may see his movie theater temple as lacking depth, yet to him, life makes sense in that setting.

What makes you happy? Why does it make you happy? I don’t mean the false sense of happiness which only feeds an obsessive void. What are your dreams? Are they ego-based or guidance from your higher self? What are your perceived strengths and challenges? Honestly answering these questions will reveal your life purpose. We have to surrender our judgments so our fears do not block our clarity, once we know ourselves then our embedded beliefs beyond this world become clearer. We no longer seek meaning as we are now living it.

Spirituality, at least for me, is genuinely expressing ourselves so we connect with the right energies, whether that be people, places or objects, in perfect timing.

Expression to Attract Synchronicity

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  1. I was researching about spirituality overdose and your article came up. 🙂 I guess that’s exactly what I need thank you I love love your definition of spirituality.

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