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If you have had a session with me or are familiar with Spright Vibes and would like to share your experience, please tell your tale below.

Your story is greatly appreciated,

7 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Jessika gave me a reading right around my birthday, when I was dealing with a lot of loss and confusion, not to mention guilt and anxiety. Her wonderful healing center was so serene, it wasn’t long before I was completely relaxed and open to allowing her to work with my chakras and energy. She was very insightful with the blockages she saw and was able to give me very helpful tips on how to open them up or at least become more aware of the blockage. She also has some really great resources here and on her blog, so its nice there is this follow up for after the reading. She also channelled some stuff from spirit for me that totally came true and that only helped to solidify my faith in her abilities and my own current place in life. I am very grateful to her and will be coming back again.

  2. One of the best experiences I’ve had in my life has been a session with Jessika…The healing combined with a reading has opened my mind and my eyes to the infinite possibilities that surround us all. Thank you, Jessika for your love and light and your kind heart. May you reach out to others as you have with me…All the best and much success to you always!!

  3. I have never been a very spiritual person, and as a friend of Jessika’s, I know that she was very well aware of that. Although I was always supportive of my friend, and tried to show the support, I know that I wasn’t the most convincing as a “true believer”. With that said, Jessika quickly came to my help when I needed it. I had gone on a jog early one morning when I came upon an object on the side of the road and was instantly enthused with taking it home with me. However, what I hadn’t expected was that from that night on there would be uninvited noises, footsteps, doorknob rattling and the position of this object mysteriously changing within my bedroom (and no one else had access to my bedroom). After several weeks of this keeping me up, I approached Jessika and asked her for advice. She was great and understanding, when I followed her instruction of placing the object in another room, I was finally able to sleep in my peacefully quiet bedroom. But my infatuation with this object did not allow me to get rid of it when I moved to a new home, and I began to experience these strange phenomena all over again. I once again approached Jessika and updated her on the situation, and since I did not want to give up the object she came over that same day and performed a healing on me, and a cleansing on both my room and the object. Although I had never received a spiritual healing and I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant to the act, Jessika made me feel very comfortable. I instantly felt at peace after the healing and have not been bothered by any phenomena since. I am very grateful to my friend Jessika, and will always recommend that others seek her advice when needed. This was nearly a year ago, and I still feel great. P.S. Sprite Vibes is a product that I use everyday, and feel very refreshed and positive after every use. I recommend it to everyone! Also, in my own personal opinion I believe that my skin complexion has become considerably clearer since I began using it.

  4. Thank you so much Jessika for all you do. You amaze me how you work with so much light and love You have helped me clean my soul and my house, I can’t tell you how much of a differance you have made. If any one is thinking of having a reading I would strongly recommend it. I have had two readings already and I can’t wait until my next. Blessings Greta

  5. Thank you so much, again, Jessika for the meaningful, deep healing reading. You touched a core that has been “asleep” for quite a while and I am still feeling so blessed, grateful and peaceful from the experience. You are truly gifted yet you use it with great humility and grace which allowed me to feel and understand at that “inner-level”, free of inputs or blockages. 1000 Thank-you’s… you will be a source of light and healing for me from now on. Love, light and gratitide. ~Mary♥

  6. A great experience and great insight…very relaxing atmosphere and would recommend to anyone looking for answers or direction in life.

  7. Wow! Regarding Spiritharmonies: she is the ‘real deal’ when it comes to mediumship. Incredible experience! And, I am using the spray daily. It brings me ‘back’ to that feeling of being in my body. I very highly recommend any product or service Jessika has to offer. — Seanna

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