Wealth and Sensuality


Our two energy centers which most strongly impact our physical reality are the Root and Sacral chakras. They are also the sources responsible for our sexuality.

The breakdown:

– How our Root and Sacral chakras create our material reality –


– Our connection to Earth (the physical world)
– Our material security


– How we attract wealth (through bliss or misery)
– Our connection to pleasurable sensations; such as:

  • To actually savor the taste of our food
  • To truly feel the cleansing water of a shower
  • To sincerely take in the colors of a sunset

When I am stressed with my living conditions, I know I have work to do on my root. When I am feeling somber and unattractive, I hear my sacral calling for help. Experiences are surfacing which require attention and healing. After I transform that stagnant energy, my security and zest for life returns.

chakras root, sacral

Sacral and Root unbalanced
– We do not enjoy life and lack material security

Sacral balanced
Root unbalanced
– We are doing what we enjoy, but lack material security

Sacral unbalanced
Root balanced
– We acquire material security, but not happily
Sacral and Root balanced
– We obtain material security, happily

When these centers are unbalanced, we can find it difficult to experience pleasure. These challenges are the result of our subconscious aversion to grounding, being present in our body, connecting to Earth. This is especially true for those who hold a history of physical or sexual abuse. As a result, we may attract obstacles to our material wealth.

We always have the power to heal ourselves regardless of our experiences, the task is not generally easy, but it is simple. When we quiet our mind to hear what our body is trying to say, we channel the courage to process and release such energies which block our truth. With that said, there are numerous healing paths and the journey is different for everyone.

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